Thompson Road Clinic

Company Size 50-100 staff

Industry Healthcare


Thompson Rd Clinic had an existing relationship with a phone system and internet provider that didn’t listen to their needs and didn’t take the time to understand their business. Furthermore, the current phone system provider only implemented about 50% of the features that were promised, leaving the clinic team without the full functionality and reporting they were expecting.

“This is a company that gives you the full picture.  A great team of professionals who have taken the time to listen to our needs, identify our problems, come back with solutions and options, then back themselveswhen implementing. To complete the picture our training & ongoing support has been exceptional.   When was the last time you have had that experience!!!!” – Sharon Street, General Manager


The wevo team interviewed all key business stakeholders to build a true view of what was needed from a business as well as technology perspective. Wevo proposed several detailed solution options along with a recommendation on which solution would work best based on the requirements uncovered during initial engagement.

To ensure the correct foundation for the new Unified Communications Phone System was in place, wevo implemented a Managed Internet solution with a primary fibre service and built-in 4G/LTE failover. Wevo also deployed Managed Security including Threat Management (IDS/IPS).

Based on our recommendation, the customer opted for a fully-managed wevo cloud PBX with integrated call centre and reporting features. Wevo worked with clinic staff and implemented a seamless after-hours cutover to the new system and provided on site training to ensure a positive user experience.

Wevo worked with clinic management to define system KPIs and reporting parameters, and then wevo built scheduled reports which provide daily insight on the health and performance of clinic intake and customer service levels.


The clinic now has a state-of-the-art Unified Communications system allowing the team to deliver a high-level of patient experience both onsite and via Telemedicine. The team now have full visibility and reporting on system performance and service levels and the ability to make call flow changes on the fly without onsite technicians.

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