Web Application Isolation

Secure, Clientless Access for BYOD and Unmanaged Devices

Contractors and employees with unmanaged laptops and PCs need to access your corporate apps, but these devices have an elevated level of cyber risk. Use Ericom’s clientless ZTNA solution to give them least-privilege access and control their ability to access and share data.

Ericom Web Application Isolation secures exposed surfaces of web apps, protecting them from malware on compromised devices and bad actors, while enabling full access for legitimate users. Hackers or malware attempting to probe web apps for vulnerabilities to exploit have no visibility to page source code, developer tools or APIs. Instead, they’ll see only a few lines of Ericom Remote Browser Isolation HTML.

Is your business protected when contractors access your network?

Traditional WAFs can't keep up with the sophisticated attacks targeting your applications

Application security vulnerabilities are inevitable. Bugs, misconfigurations, and other application vulnerabilities still make their way through to production despite best efforts in the development process. Organizations have turned to WAFs for help in protecting vulnerable apps from attack in the past. Unfortunately, WAFs are operationally challenged and ineffective at securing apps due to excessive false alerts because of their antiquated technology.

Reduces False Positives

Reducing false positives requires a nuanced approach, integrating advanced algorithms with contextual understanding to discern genuine threats from benign anomalies, thereby enhancing system efficiency and trustworthiness while minimizing unnecessary disruptions and ensuring more accurate and effective threat detection and response mechanisms.

Isolate web and cloud applications to protect them from OWASP Top 10 threats

Darken exposed surfaces of corporate web apps, making them invisible to bad actors and compromised devices, while ensuring full productive access for users authenticated and authorized via the organization’s Ericom cloud tenant.

Maximize security and minimize downtime

Leveraging Ericom browser isolation minimizes downtime by securely segregating web browsing activities from critical systems, shielding them from potential malware and cyber threats, thus ensuring continuous operations and safeguarding organizational productivity and integrity.

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