Managed Internet

Wevo provides Managed Internet access throughout Australia & Internationally partnering with all available carriers to enable the most appropriate method of connectivity for your Business. 

Our offering includes head office internet, branch internet and home internet connections – both for primary and backup purposes with automatic failover as required.

Access tails include:

  • NBN
  • Optical Fibre
  • 4G & 5G
  • Satellite, and
  • Fixed Wireless

Carrier Agnostic Approach – wevo partners with all major providers to deliver the best internet solution for your business, based on your location, budget and technology requirements.

Carrier Diversity – Where possible wevo delivers a solution that provides multiple internet providers to ensure your mission critical business network is protected against outages. Primary, secondary or more internet services at your locations will be delivered with diverse carriers as well as access technology for greater resiliency.

Managed End to End – wevo internet services are managed, meaning that we take care of Threat Management, automatic failover, application routing, QoS (Quality of Service) and all the features you need to ensure your business runs seamlessly.

Why Wevo Managed Internet is Better.

Managed Router Configuration

After initial design and implementation the Wevo team will continuously maintain and manage the configuration including device updates and upgrades. All Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs) are included with the service.

Proactive Monitoring & 24x7 Support

Wevo’s Cloud Management platform constantly monitors all managed devices and alerts our Network and Support team of any events which could be causing availability or performance issues. Our teams are available 24x7x365 to action service requests, resolve issues or answer your questions.

Managed Security & Threat Management

Wevo Managed Edge devices provide Layer 7 Zone based Firewalls with added security provided by Carrier grade NAT on 4G/LTE & 5G connections. Cloud based IPS/IDS Threat Management can also be activated on these edge devices for added piece of mind.

Managed Failover & Dual 4G/5G (active/active)

All Wevo Managed Internet services are delivered with 2 or more access services for automatic sub-second failover. We provide active/active configurations with traffic steering and load balancing solutions. This can result in near 100% uptime for our customers.

Managed Escalation and Fault Resolution

When our monitoring systems detect a fault, the Wevo team automatically escalate and initiate our fault resolution process including raising tickets with the carriers. Even if the service has a failover, we will ensure the primary service is back online as quickly as possible.

Managed VPN & SD-WAN Capability

Wevo manages all design and configuration required to implement a VPN which includes, Remote Access VPN, Site-Site and Sit –3rd party Vendor site VPNs. We will also consult and design SD-WAN overlays, all included in the Managed Service cost.

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