Managed SD-WAN

Wevo Managed SD-WAN is a virtual overlay network that allows businesses to leverage any combination of network services – including MPLS, Leased Lines, Fibre, 4G/5G as well as low cost NBN – to securely connect users to files & applications.

Wevo Managed SD-WAN uses a combination of Edge Devices and Cloud Gateways to securely and intelligently direct traffic across the WAN. This increases application performance and delivers a high-quality user experience, resulting in increased productivity, agility, and reduced IT costs. Read our Blog on SD-WAN here.

Why Wevo Managed SD-WAN is Better.

Application Performance & Quality of Experience (QoE)

If applications are down or underperforming, businesses experience interruptions and inefficiency resulting in potential revenue loss. Wevo Managed SD-WAN delivers exceptional QoE due to the diverse access methods at each location, intelligent traffic steering and transmission remediation techniques.

Security & Segmentation

Encrypted tunnels are built between every site in the wevo Managed SD-WAN making the network as reliable and secure as a private line. Using virtual overlays allows segmentation that extends beyond traditional routing. A virtual WAN overlay can be created to transport a mission-critical application with specific QoS/QoE and security requirements while isolating and steering other traffic such as guest Wi-Fi, across a separate virtual overlay.

Resiliency & High Availability

Deploying multiple access links at each node of the wevo Managed SD-WAN, we can provide a robust network with the ability to steer traffic at a packet level based on configured thresholds and ensure the service is highly-available. With sub-second failover, users and applications will not notice any interruptions.

Cloud Managed

Wevo Managed SD-WANs are Cloud Managed & Monitored pro-actively. Changes can be made rapidly to configuration based on Business requirements and our team gets a complete view of the performance of the network from single pane of glass visibility.

Agility/Rapid Deployment

Deploying/Upgrading a traditional WAN service can take weeks or even months, whereas Wireless 4G/5G, and to some extent broadband internet services, are available effectively on demand. By using broadband for WAN connectivity in conjunction with the wevo Managed SD-WAN, a branch can be online in hours instead of weeks.

Cost Savings

With an SD-WAN solution from wevo, you can now augment or even replace MPLS connections with broadband internet services to connect users to applications and significantly lower existing WAN costs while still achieving exceptional performance and greater visibility and control.

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