About Us

Our Mission is to ensure all businesses can communicate using innovative technology, management & world-class customer service.

Founded in 2018, Wevo is an Australian-owned information technology and managed service provider that offers telecommunications and managed services. We design, build and manage telecommunications infrastructure solutions for all-sized businesses, large multinationals and government organisations.

The founders are recognised thought leaders within the industry with proven global experience and knowledge to challenge the market with innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

The Wevo Story

Wevo has grown strongly since its inception in 2018 to become an Australian leader in providing next-generation IT and telecommunications (IT&T) services. The Wevo clients rely on us as a strategic agnostic partner, including many of Australia’s key organisations across education, government, health, insurance, finance, construction, utilities, manufacturing and retail organisations.

Our strong focus on customer needs, innovation, partnerships, market insights and training has enabled us to be recognised as an agnostic partner offering next generation Telecommunications services to meet the critical needs of all businesses.

A key strength is our ability to anticipate market needs then invest in the right people, resources and strategic partners to provide critical services across all Industries. Since the launch of Wevo we have enabled users to take advantage of the pay-as-you-go model, managing their IT and communications needs while reducing overall costs. Our capabilities in connecting customers to smart solutions, 4G/5G (WWAN’s), Managed SD-WAN, Internet and Unified Communications has been the key to our success.

Wevo maintains a unique business model based on the shared values of its leadership team, customer first approach with the rich heritage and experience of key skilled staff who have come together to fulfil a critical gap in the market. This has resulted in an open, collaborative culture that encourages entrepreneurship among our workforce and support teams in which our customers are the true beneficiaries of our strategy.

Wevo Founders (L to R) – Edwin Allen, Paul Chakour & Davide Iacovitti

Our Values

At Wevo, our values invariably determine how we work and support our customers. These values – define who we are and how we deliver service ever day:

  • Innovation – Continuously evolve and evaluate new technologies that can make a positive impact on our customers, partners and people
  • Passion – Unparalleled commitment to performing outstanding work with care and empathy
  • Customer First – Placing the customer at the forefront of every decision we make and guiding us in every action we take.
  • Integrity – Leading our customers and people with honesty and integrity on their journey to the right solution

It’s time to Connect. Better.