Next Generation Firewall

Securing your network requires the right protection in the right place.

Wevo partners with Palo Alto Networks to deliver the NGFW platform. The NFGW protects your entire business, no matter the size or complexity. With a unified network security architecture and the ability to leverage deep learning in real time, our firewalls can help you see and secure everything.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) represent a sophisticated evolution in network security by combining traditional firewall functionalities with advanced features such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), application awareness and control, and enhanced threat intelligence. Unlike conventional firewalls that primarily focus on port and protocol filtering, NGFWs analyze and filter traffic based on application-layer data, user identity, and content, allowing for more granular control and better protection against modern cyber threats. By employing deep packet inspection and advanced security mechanisms, NGFWs offer organizations the ability to identify and mitigate a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, exploits, and advanced persistent threats, thus providing a comprehensive and proactive defense strategy for securing networks in an increasingly complex and dynamic digital landscape.

Why Wevo Managed Firewalls are Better.

Deep learning stops the most evasive threats

With the first Next-Generation Firewalls to introduce inline deep learning, a subset of traditional machine learning, you can move beyond the structured data analysis of machine learning and analyze data more in the way a human would.

Zero-delay signatures provide updates in seconds

With zero-delay signatures, every internet-connected NGFW in a network is updated within single-digit seconds of an analysis, ensuring the first user to see a threat is the only user to see that threat.

ML-powered visibility across IoT and other connected devices

Quickly and accurately profile any IoT device to reveal its type, vendor, model, firmware and more while using cloud scale to compare device usage, validate profiles and fine-tune models so devices don’t go unmanaged.

Maximize security and minimize downtime

Use AIOps to deliver high ROI — improve your security posture without adding staff or buying new equipment, and avoid costly outages by predicting firewall health.

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