Everyday Independence

Company Size  200-500 employees

Industry Vertical Healthcare – Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology & Physiotherapy


Everyday Independence (EI) engaged a Major Carrier to provide their Internet and Telephone network. The solution was not uniform across all sites and the EI users experienced constant outages and downtime caused by several factors. The majority of Internet connections were based on legacy ADSL services which were underperforming due to their limited bandwidth. The traditional PABX system was also not providing the complex requirements EI required for their inbound Call Centre team. It was dependent on an ADSL service without redundancy, Quality of Service (QoS) or sufficient Security and experienced outages that would last for days or even weeks. This network and provider combination just didn’t provide the foundation services for a fast-growing company.

“Wevo has supported our growth from 6 sites to 23 sites. They are a trusted partner who have helped us with both strategy and implementation. During the recent COVID challenges we had to pivot quickly and Wevo were responsive and agile enough to enable this to happen.” – Malcolm Healey – CEO, Everyday Independence


After consulting with the EI team and understanding their Communications requirements as well as their current solution shortfalls, Wevo proposed and then deployed a Managed Wireless WAN (WWAN) based on dual Active-Active 4G/LTE for carrier redundancy. This provided rapid day-1 connectivity with zero touch provisioning by onsite staff for both existing branches as well as new sites. In addition, wevo implemented an Enterprise Grade Unified Communications system with built-in redundancy and high-availability providing a complex Call Centre environment including Call Queues, Reporting and Call Recording.

The branch network LANs were segmented to ensure Voice traffic was prioritised, ensuring a high Quality of Service (QoS). Due to the dual 4G/LTE services, wevo were able to traffic steer Voice packets over one 4G Carrier while all other traffic utilised the second 4G Carrier network with both failing over to the other in case of connection issues. The wevo Managed devices not only provided 4G/LTE connectivity, but also Dual-Band WiFi, Layer 7 Zone Firewall and built-in 4 port PoE ports to power IP Handsets. All of this was provided at a considerable cost saving while adding exceptional Customer Service and responsiveness.


With the wevo services in place, EI has been able to grow quite dramatically with plans to grow by at least another 50% in the short term. All EI applications are hosted in the cloud so having highly-available internet has been paramount to their success. The wevo Unified Communications solution has provided a great experience for their patients, therapists and call centre team.

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