ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions

Company Size 300+ employees

Industry Financial Services

Cutting Edge DR Solution for ANZ Worldline’s Mission Critical Contact Centre

Wevo has deployed a cutting-edge Disaster Recovery Call Centre solution for ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions, revolutionizing their contingency strategy. This innovative system offers instantaneous technology failover, seamlessly transitioning operations from the primary call centre platform to a fully redundant backup call centre solution using a completely separate hosting environment and call centre vendor.

With this implementation, ANZ Worldline has gained unparalleled resilience against unforeseen disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted customer service even in the face of technical challenges. Wevo’s solution not only mitigates risks associated with system downtime but also enhances ANZ Worldline’s overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By providing a swift and reliable response to potential crises, this initiative solidifies ANZ Worldline’s position as a leader in the financial services industry, reinforcing trust and confidence among its clientele.

This collaboration between Wevo and ANZ Worldline exemplifies the power of proactive disaster preparedness, setting a new standard for excellence in call centre resilience and reliability.


ANZ Worldline Payment Solution operate a number of mission critical 24 x 7 call centres to support their customers. A solution was needed to ensure their Contact Centre operations remained fully operational – even in the event of a vendor or provider outage.

“Wevo has recently demonstrated its exceptional capability in deploying disaster recovery solutions for ANZ WL’s contact center. Their dedicated project management team ensured the implementation was completed in a timely manner, meeting the critical Recovery Time Objectives agreed upon. Throughout the project, Wevo’s team engaged in thorough testing to ensure that the disaster recovery services were not only operational but also effective, guaranteeing that they met ANZ WL’s stringent requirements for resilience and performance.” – Syed Ali Hussain, Head of Business Resilience Management, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions


Wevo designed and implemented a solution using a diverse Contact Centre solution with automated failover mechanisms to ensure ANZ Worldline’s Contact Centre operations can withstand an outage or disaster. The solution was tested rigorously in collaboration with ANZ Worldline key stakeholders and internal teams.

“The success of this project highlights Wevo’s outstanding customer service and commitment to excellence. Their ability to deliver complex solutions seamlessly and their proactive approach in managing client expectations set them apart from other service providers in the space. Wevo’s strategy integrates cutting-edge technology with a client-centered approach, ensuring that their solutions are both innovative and tailored to meet the specific needs of their customers.” – Syed Ali Hussain, Head of Business Resilience Management, ANZ Worldline Payment Solutions


By deploying a robust disaster recovery solution, ANZ Worldline demonstrates its commitment to providing uninterrupted service to its customers, even in the face of potential crises. This initiative not only safeguards ANZ Worldline’s reputation but also strengthens customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, the project sets a new standard for resilience and reliability in the call centre industry, inspiring other organizations to prioritize disaster preparedness and invest in innovative solutions to mitigate risks and enhance customer experience.

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