Raw Materials

Company Size 20-50 staff

Industry Wholesale Foods


The customer had been operating an ageing PABX that was failing in functionality and service support by the provider.  Coupled with this, their Internet service was not catering for the needs of remote staff requiring fast access to the head office.

After experiencing the challenges of COVID-19, the customer’s management team quickly realised that drastic improvements were necessary if to maintain professional communication between staff and clients.

“We migrated our Internet, Security & Voice services to Wevo and I’m so thankful we made this decision. Working remotely given COVID-19, we’re functioning efficiently and securely. Our business has taken a great step forward with Wevo.” – Andrew Gray, CEO, Raw Materials


Wevo assessed the environment and made swift recommendations as to how Raw Materials could improve its internal communication systems. We replaced the legacy PBX with a Managed Unified Communications solution leveraging a Cloud based PBX, together with softphones for all team members.

A fully Managed Internet service was also deployed, complete with a Firewall and sub-second 4G failoverhould the primary link ever experience issues.


The business now operates cohesively within the office, home and mobile access for all staff depending on their core functions.  The Hosted PBX provides complete visibility of all staff, which is particularly important during these uncertain times. The business has a secure VPN that enables secure and reliable access to core business applications at head office.

The business is future proofed in all matters of access communications.

“The attention to detail by the Wevo team during the implementation was second to none and we are loving the new communication tools that allow us to collaborate with staff in the office and working from home.” – Simon Sarra, CFO, Raw Materials

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