AHWC Immigration Law

Company Size 20-50 employees

Industry Legal Services


AHWC were dealing with an incumbent provider that did not meet their needs, was unresponsive to service requests and had no account management or customer service as part of their service offering.

Services in the office were not working and there was extreme difficulty in providing the correct telephony services to key staff.

To add further complexity, dealing with the existing telephony provider was so painful that no staff wanted to engage them – resulting in support being non-existant.


Wevo scoped the correct telephony solution for AHWC, minimising capital expenditure by re-using existing hardware and on-site infrastructure. Legcacy SIP Handsets were re-programmed, upgraded to the latest firmware and then re-purposed for the new telephony setup.

Within a day Wevo had all the old phones updated and working on a brand new system. Powerful features like an Auto Attendant, automated night switch and messaging, as well as voicemail to email was implented.

To save time on porting. Wevo performed a pre-porting diversion to save time and ensure the customer could use the Wevo telephony features from Day 1. Number porting was then booked, managed and completed within 3-4 weeks of the migration.

Migrating to Wevo has been seamless. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Our previous providers were uncooperative, so Wevo had to go above and beyond to make the migration happen. They’re an excellent company and I highly recommend them. – Alice O’Brien, General Manager, AHWC


With the Wevo managed service, AHWC now has a high-performing and highly-available telephony solution that has increased productivity as well as user experience at AHWC’s office locations. Feedback from the staff has been extremely positive and the cost savings and performance gains has been a welcome benefit for the business.

The staff at AHWC can now focus on their work assisting their customers effectively with a responsive phone system that supports them.

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