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Company Size 50-100 employees

Industry Manufacturing


The company has sites across VIC, NSW & QLD. The connectivity between these sites was quite disparate and provided poor performance. The network comprised of a mixture of NBN & ADSL without any redundancy. The HQ link was also a bottleneck for the branch sites to access Application Servers. The Telephony system was also an issue with various providers and a lack of account management. The issues with data communications were so bad, the customer had to start installing replicating servers at some of their branch sites which added considerable cost as well as management and maintenance.

“Our company operates six branch offices throughout  the eastern states of Australia. The challenges posed by poor internet connections and data speed have been significant and a daily frustration for our staff. Furthermore, much of our telephone traffic was intra company communication between our branches. The WAN solution provided by WEVO has resolved all of these issues. We now have super-fast internet connection which has revolutionised our inter branch processing. Our communications setup is state of the art  and has been  funded by savings on internal landline calls. Further, we deal with a single, highly competent and professional provider in WEVO, rather than a range of telecom  providers where service levels were both unpredictable and sometimes unreliable.” – BRUCE ANDREWS – CFO, CC COMPONENTS


Wevo implemented an SD-WAN across all the branch sites using fully redundant and carrier diverse services at each location. At HQ, a 1Gbps Fibre service was installed which provided considerable headroom, not only for the HQ users but also the branch sites when accessing the Application Servers hosted at HQ.  Using traffic steering and QoS, wevo is able to ensure the best performing link is used for particular application types and also provide failover in the event of a brown out or black out event.

The network is managed and monitored from the Cloud and moves, adds & changes can be actioned within a stringent SLA. Wevo can also provide analytics and reporting on the health and performance of the SD-WAN network.

As part of the solution, Wevo overhauled the telephony network by implementing a Managed Unified Communications system running over the SD-WAN which provided the performance as well as functionality the customer was looking for.


CC have successfully migrated from an ageing, legacy and poor-performing communication service to a fast, highly available and secure network that incorporates their data and voice operating over a single converged IP based system. All sites are now connected on one phone solution nationally allowing simple communication and collaboration between states and branches.

“Wevo delivered our new services on budget and ahead of schedule. They were agile in their implementation, and were able to provide interim internet speed upgrades while awaiting fibre cabling installation. Their level of customer service has been exceptional. I look forward to continuing our relationship with WEVO, and to reaping the benefits of the network they have implemented. Our people love the system, while our management are quietly thrilled with the productivity gains and cost savings..” – BRUCE ANDREWS – CFO, CC COMPONENTS

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