Dawn Mowers

Company Size 30-50

Industry Agricultural Equipment Sales, Rental & Service


Dawn Mowers operate from two key locations in VIC – Surrey Hills and Hallam.  To function efficiently, these sites require fast and reliable internet and telephony services enabling both internal and external communications. The business also requires secure site-site communications for access to their file server and CRM and other business applications to manage customer and supplier ordering and accounting.

Prior to the association with wevo, the business experienced regular outages and prolonged downtime with its existing supplier.  The services were operating over DSL technology which relies on copper as the delivery infrastructure.  The down time caused frustration amongst staff which led to inefficiency. Something needed to be done and swiftly!

“Our business has two locations that rely heavily on Telephony & Internet services to operate efficiently.  We had major issues with our previous provider with regular outages and poor customer service. The team at Wevo implemented a managed network using NBN with 4G backup, VoIP telephony and Security services that has allowed our team to concentrate on what we do well as a business”

Rohan Sutherland, Principal, DAWN MOWERS


Managed SD-WAN & 4G Wireless

The Wevo team understood exactly what needed to be implemented in order to allow Dawn to conduct its business efficiently. The team installed a Managed SD-WAN service with a combination of NBN and 4G Wireless services.  The 4G service provided an automatic failover should the NBN experience any outages.  Our business recognises the NBN has not enjoyed a premium reputation to date, and as such we ensure our customers are safeguarded by the 4G Wireless network as an automatic failover in the event of an unforeseen outage. Leveraging the Wevo Rapid Deployment Service (RDS), NBN wasn’t available at one of the sites so a dual 4G service from diverse carriers was installed as an interim until NBN rolled out.

Wevo enabled a secure IPsec VPN based SD-WAN service between both sites to enable inter-site data communications managed with industry best practice security standards to protect the internal data of the business.

All Managed devices were activated with Threat Management services to detect and protect against unauthorised intrusion attempts. This ensures the business and customer data is secured at all times.

Unified Communications

Given the decommissioning of copper based telephony services nationally, we implemented a Cloud Based Unified Communications platform to replace the legacy telephony system.  The wevo solution has delivered a feature rich platform for Dawn including automated mobile diversion, voicemail to email, an automated answering service for customers, simple intuitive call handling and transferring as well as improved telephony performance with real-time call traffic statistics.

Again, wevo leveraged their RDS to implement the UC solution well before the number porting from their previous carrier was finalised. This can usually save 5-6 weeks on standard implementation lead-times.


Dawn have successfully migrated from an ageing, legacy and poor-performing communication service to a fast, highly available and secure network that incorporates their data and voice operating over a single converged IP based system.

Wevo has a very simple and pragmatic approach to our valued customers.  We gain an understanding of the issues at hand and commence a project to ensure that all services meet and exceed the expectations of all staff.  The wevo team worked in conjunction with Dawn and delivered a successful communications transformation.

“We now have a secure, high-performance network with one invoice and fantastic customer service.”

Rohan Sutherland, Principal, DAWN MOWERS

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