LaManna Premier Group

Company Size 1,000 employees

Industry Fresh Produce & Distribution

About LaManna Premier Group

LaManna Premier Group (LPG) is one of Australia’s largest fresh produce supply chain companies, providing domestic and overseas customers a single source of supply across a diverse range of fruit and vegetable categories.

The Group’s farm production capacity and grower network spans all Australian states and includes open field growing as well as protected cropping.


LaManna Premier Group through mergers and acquisitions (see brands below) was operating a number of disparate telephony platforms that did not interoperate or provide any collaboration possibilities. Over the past two years, effective communication from ‘working from home’ was a challenge.  The existing platforms were non-integrated and did not provide the business the tools needed to continue operating at optimum levels.

We needed a provider that could audit our environment, provide us expertise and direction and then simply roll up their sleeves and get the job done.  Our engagement with Wevo was seamless from Day 1 and they provided us a roadmap and pathway forward utilising MS Teams Calling. Wevo managed the full project end to end without incident, providing us full visibility, reporting and updates during rollout. – Jo Minton-Connell, Chief People and Communications Officer, LaManna Premier Group

Furthermore without any consolidation or integration of staff and site phone numbers, a situation arose where the combined telephony assets of the business were far greater than the ongoing requirements. As an example, the combined pool of phone numbers of the various businesses exceeded the actual requirements of the business moving forward.


Wevo spent considerable time working with the LaManna Premier Group executive team and reception staff to understand their business and technology requirements as well as the shortfalls of their current telephony platform. Based on a detailed scoping and audit of the current environment, Wevo proposed, designed & rapidly deployed MS Teams Calling for all key staff.

We were looking to engage a partner, not just another supplier, who could execute rapid and effective change in our business.  Wevo’s management of the process from start to finish was professional and they left no stone unturned. Not only did they work on the technology rollout, but they also worked on our financial benefits, staff adoption and change management. – Mandy Baker, EA to Group CEO – LaManna Premier Group

Wevo delivered the project within 2 months, including number port management of over 1000 direct in dials, MS Teams Calling provisioning, MS Teams telephony, licensing, call flow and user configuration. Wevo performed the migration to MS Teams Calling using 8 change windows across a number of days allowing the different states and timezones nationally to migrate sequentially.

Wevo’s adoption program included a combination of face to face training services coupled with access to Wevo’s quick reference video library. Go live training was provided to reception staff including live call handling training to ensure that reception staff were suitably proficient. All staff were provided access to a library of quick reference videos allowing them to rapidly learn and utilise MS Teams telephony features.


With MS Teams Calling, LaManna Premier Group now has an integrated unified communications platform deployed across all sites and staff nationwide. Communication between staff and with suppliers and customers has never been easier. Staff collaboration activities have increased and the business has observed measurable productivity gains. Feedback from the users has been extremely positive and the cost savings and performance gains has been a welcome benefit for the business.

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