Company Size 20-50 employees

Industry Utilities, Renewable Energy


RayGen is an Australian technology company with world leading capability in the next generation of solar power and electricity storage. RayGen’s solution consists of RayGen’s proprietary PV Ultra solar co generation, and electro thermal energy storage technologies.

RayGen’s vision is to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy with RayGen as the technology provider of choice and to establish RayGen as the worldwide leader of enduring solar infrastructure projects that provide electricity, heat, cooling and desalinated water all day and night.

Key to the success of RayGen is remotely located solar farms that capture, harness and then dispatch renewable energy to surrounding areas.

The RayGen Power Plant Carwarp Project, approximately 20 minutes south of Mildura is a ground-breaking renewable electricity project that will provide reliable, on-demand power to the distribution network in Victoria

Carwarp being a 24/7 Power Plant requires reliable always on high speed connectivity to allow engineers to manage the plant remotely.


Due to the lack of traditional terrestrial connectivity options, Wevo proposed a solution that leveraged cellular Gigabit 4G/LTE technology (CAT-18). Being totally carrier agnostic, Wevo provided a dual carrier solution terminated on a Wevo managed router with Dual CAT-18 LTE Modems in Active/Active mode.

The Wevo managed router, leveraging Cradlepoint technology, has the ability to automatically fail over between carrier networks based on performance thresholds, ensuring that RayGen’s power plant will always have optimised connectivity regardless of carrier issues and outages.
The managed router also seamlessly integrates with RayGen’s Firewall to ensure data is kept private and is protected from external malicious attacks.

To maximise signal coverage at the Power Plant, Wevo deployed externally mounted wideband 4G/5G MiMo antennas as part of the overall solution and aligned them to the appropriate carrier towers for optimal Line of Sight.

The result is a high-performance Internet solution fully managed from the Cloud and with automated failover and redundancy.

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