Company Size 100-200 employees

Industry Forestry Equipment and Landscape Maintenance


STIHL deployed a Tier 1 Carrier Managed MPLS network with Active/Standby routers and access links to connect their branch offices and warehouses throughout Australia. Implementation took 8 months from order signing and the ongoing performance was very poor, mainly due to bandwidth limitations coupled with the Active/Standby design which didn’t allow for load balancing or traffic steering. The customer did not receive visibility or reporting on the performance and health of the network or consistent Account Management that is expected from a Managed Network.

“Having worked with Wevo for the last 2 years…, I can vouch for their unwavering commitment to their customer.  During our recent tender they displayed much patience in working with us as we juggled local versus global requirements. Their focus is always on providing the best customer experience and they deliver on that consistently.” – Therese Chakour-West, CIO – STIHL


Wevo spent considerable time working with the STIHL IT team to understand their business and technology requirements as well as the shortfalls of their current network. Based on detailed scoping, Wevo proposed, designed & rapidly deployed a fully redundant, Active/Active Wide Area Network (WAN) with dual High-Availability routers. The Primary network implemented is a Tier 1 Carrier MPLS solution coupled with a fully diverse secondary VPLS network and access links. An embedded 4G/LTE service in each router is utilized for Cloud Management and Monitoring and provides a 3rd level of network redundancy.

Wevo provided a mix of Fibre, Fixed Wireless & Business NBN services with bandwidths over 10 times the previous network providing greater performance while future proofing the business. Wevo also provided the customer’s IT team, access to a Cloud Portal that provided full visibility into the network for reporting and analytics.

To compliment the new high-speed WAN, Wevo also provided a 1Gbps fibre Internet gateway at HQ multi-homed with BGP routing. All of this was provided at a considerable cost-saving to the business.

“We were looking to engage a business partner, not just another supplier, and we feel that we have achieved that with the team at Wevo.  Their support and responsiveness is second to none.  They instill confidence in us that our network is in the best hands. I would personally endorse them for any future engagements they seek. Other suppliers can take a leaf out of their book.” – Therese West, CIO – STIHL


With the wevo managed network, STIHL now has a high-performing and highly-available data network solution that has increased productivity as well as user experience at their remote branch locations. They are now able to run all their applications and systems, including bar scanners, WLAN controllers and VoIP across the network with considerable headroom for growth. Feedback from the users has been extremely positive and the cost savings and performance gains has been a welcome benefit for the business.

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