The Austin Group

Company Size 500+ employees

Industry Retail Fashion


The overall business incorporates four brands with various head offices and retail outlets throughout Australia. These brands include GAZ MAN, BLAZER, Perri Cutten & Cable.

All of the brands had incumbent networks, both data and voice and is our responsibility to unify the services into a singular Head Office and to create a consistent flow of communications between the divisions and retail end points.

Wevo’s Voice solution is extensive and meets all of the requirements of operating four key brands. Given the nature of our business and the importance of staying connected with our Retail stores, we do require a responsive partner to meet our daily needs.  Wevo achieves this and we continue to enjoy a strong partnership.Simon Murray – Chief Operating Officer


Wevo has merged all of the brands and supported and supplied the head office with a unified comms that services all of the brands, while also deploying its Hosted Voice platform to the retail stores throughout Australia.


Quite simply, our services have created a network that is rapidly deployed with consistent and high availability for all of the end point users.  Our network management tools allow our NOC to facilitate any requested changes to the call patterns and flows that ultimately allow The Austin Group to better communicate internally while also with the many external parties, both domestically and internationally.

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